Wednesday, January 27, 2010

HAPPY 2010

Wow, major hiatus from blogging...Christmas Holidays you know! :)

last night I realized that I have all these random blog entries from random places with random things and I think an introduction and blog overhaul is in order!

A little background info...I am a city mouse at heart...grew up in the Philippines, moved to the wonderful city of Vancouver to finish University...first 20 something years of my life

Ever since I remember, I have always loved to travel...cities especially...there is something about the air, the restaurants, the way of life...

...six months ago, my life took a major turn for the lucky and I got the opportunity to go and live in Madrid, Spain for about a year...and that's what I did.. :)

So here I am in Spain with the countries of Europe in the palm of my hand, and it is amazing...

This blog is really to share my travels and discoveries with you! Hotels, restaurants, stores and everything else the city can offer you...Hey, maybe you can find some of this stuff useful when you city hop yourself! Enjoy!

OH! And pictures...lots of pictures!
My first trip to Paris in Summer will see a few Paris entries here
...haven't been back yet but I intend to very soon..


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